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Circuits of the past

Remember the motor racing circuits of the past!

A lap at old Zandvoort

A photo tour around the old Formula One race track of Zandvoort in the Netherlands, by Herman Liesemeijer.

Zandvoort circuit Start Finish
We start our lap at Start/Finish.

The famous Tarzan Corner comes in sight...

Zandvoort circuit Tarzan Corner
The Tarzan Corner seen from above.

Zandvoort Tarzan Gerlach Corner
Exit Tarzan Corner to the Gerlach Corner.

Zandvoort Hugenholtz Corner
Exit Gerlach Corner into the Hugenholtz Corner.

Zandvoort Hunzerug
After the Hugenholtz Corner accelerating at the Hunzerug...

Zandvoort circuit Rob Slotemaker Corner
A view at the Rob Slotemaker Corner, a "flat out" corner with a variable chicane (since 1999) mostly only used at track day's for motorcycles like today.

Below the same part of the track in the 90's when it was not used.

Zandvoort circuit Rob Slotemaker Corner during 90's

Zandvoort circuit Scheivlak Corner during 90's
The Scheivlak, one of the most challenging corners from Zandvoort.

Zandvoort Scheivlak

Zandvoort Marlboro Corner

Zandvoort circuit Marlboro Corner during 90's
Hard braking here for the chicane called Marlboro Corner. Look at the little house with the red roof at the end of the barrier and keep it in mind. We will see that house again...

From the 90's back to the present time. Since 1999 the track turns right here to the new part.

A view from the opposite direction at the new corner, seen from the site of the old Marlboro Corner.

Zandvoort ex circuit now golf course
A view from the same site to the other direction. Now here's a golf course, but until 1985 here was the circuit. And look next to the trees on the right, there is the little house with the red roof again!

Once upon a time here was a race track, now there holes!

Zandvoort ex circuit
The second kink of the Hondenvlak is still recognizable here!

Zandvoort ex circuit
We enter the kink before Tunnel East. Below a picture from 1998 at the same site, when an abandoned part of the track was still there.

Abandoned part of the old Zandvoort circuit in the 90's

Zandvoort ex circuit - site of the Roger Williamson accident
Here was the kink before Tunnel East. A corner with a sad memory, it was the site of two mortal accidents in Formula One in the seventies. Piers Courage in 1970 and Roger Williamson in 1973.

Dutch Grand Prix 1978 Zandvoort

A view from Tunnel East to the Hondenvlak. Above in 1978 and below in 2008.

Zandvoort ex circuit - site of the Piers Courage accident

Zandvoort ex circuit - site of the Piers Courage accident
After the fast kink it goes to the tunnel...

Zandvoort circuit former Tunnel East
But the de tunnel is gone!

Here was a tunnel underneath the circuit.

And here the track continued to the woods.

This part is now public road.

A little further than the parked cars was the beginning of the very fast right left combination "Bos In", which is Dutch for into the woods. At the end of 1972 this corner was reconstructed to a chicane, the Panorama Corner. This site is now the beginning of a holiday resort (see picture below).

Zandvoort circuit - site of the Panorama Corner

In the holiday resort is still a piece of the surface of the original circuit.

Here was the exit of the Bos In/Panorama Corner. Over the dunes to Bos Uit.

At this top of the dune was the beginning of the long right hand corner, called "Bos Uit" (Dutch for out of the woods), leading to the long straight.

Zandvoort circuit - remains of the old race track
The end of the corner is still there at Paddock 3.

Zandvoort circuit - remains of the old race track

Zandvoort circuit - remains of the old race track
Look at the angle between the surface and the fence. You can recognize the banking of the corner here!

In the old day's this was the beginning of the 1050 metres long straight. Now it's the end of the last piece of surface from the old part of the circuit...

And here's the new part of the circuit connecting to the original part. But the straight is now a few hundred metres shorter.

Zandvoort circuit straight

And here we end our lap at Start/fFnish.

© Text and pictures: Herman Liesemeijer
Picture from 1978: Rob Soethoudt Track walk pictures: Jasper Heijmans

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